Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fashion Ad Campaign Obsession: Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012

     Regardless on how you feel about fashion, I think we all can come to the same consensus that it's fueled by equal parts of art, fantasy, imagination, creativity, talent, and storytelling. When I was a little girl, there was nothing more magical than make believe and fantasy. I think that as we get older, those who lose sight of that unknowingly (or not) lose a little bit of themselves, I mean isn't adulthood serious enough? I thrived on the Disney classic movies and books like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the magical world that JK Rowling created in the Harry Potter series -- basically anything that was impossible made possible via the TV screen and book pages. So you can only imagine my utter delight at the new Mulberry Fall 2012 ad campaign inspired by creative director, Emma Hillwith the themes of dark fairy tales and fantasy travels as set in the Blackheath Forrest in Surrey, Englad (uhm hello, Number 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey, anyone?) 

     The ad campaign, which was photographed by Tim Walker and I'm sure will start appearing in August glossies, was said to be inspired by a hybrid of the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales and the Muppets. That at least explains all the furriness. It features the young American model Lindsey Wixson clad with looks from Mullberry's F/W 2012 collection and of course complete with the highly coveted Del Rey (yes, actually re-named after the singer Lana Del Rey after she was spotted carrying it around so much) Maisie, and Alexa bags (yes, that Alexa Chung) in an array of embellished, earth tones, and even a punchy orange hue. Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, who directed the campaign with her company House + Holme, said that setting is supposed to be an "interpretation of fears and dreams," which was also made to life by this idea that the photographer, Tim Walker, had when he was a little boy of wanting to monsters in the woods.

     How unbelievably chic is that monochromatic orange ensemble with the matching orange Maisie bag?? I'm usually not a big fan of the color but the cut of that skirt and the bold details of the bodice is absolutely gorgeous. I love tops with longer and modest sleeves. But with that fashion gush said, I can definitely see the Grimm's Fairy Tales reference and a little bit of the Muppets, but the monsters in the background reminds me more of the furry creatures in the 2009 film, Where the Wild Things Are. It's a beautiful and playful concept that definitely ventures to our childhood fantastical psyches and a great reminder that fashion is and always will have this kind of imagination of playful fantasy and romanticism. After all, aren't all inspirations for the new collections every season derived from some kind of image, a particular fantasy, that a designer develops in his or her head? An ad campaign is just another medium, another step further, of illustrating that image and conveying the story to the masses. 

Love, KB

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